St Paul’s Cathedral

It’s the last day of September! What have I been doing? So many things happened this month. One of the most memorable moments was when I was invited to join the embroidery team at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.


There are nearly 200 volunteers at St Paul’s Cathedral, but this team of embroiderers is hidden away so people may not know about it. Every week the team members get together to do ecclesiastical embroidery – e.g. working on vestments, cope and mitre, etc. The embroidery team works closely with Clergy and the collections team, especially the conservator at the Cathedral.

Here’s the Merchant & Mills postcard pinned on in the work room. It makes me smile.


My lovely friends from Royal School of Needlework kindly introduced me to the team leader. I’d like to thank the team leader to let me join this wonderful embroidery team. I am very very grateful.

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