Trish Burr’s Nuthatch In Spring

Trish Burr was in the UK last summer. I was very lucky to go to one of her workshops in Westminster.

Yes. I know. I couldn’t finish her Nuthatch In Spring kit on that day, and I neglected it for a long time.

Here’s the photo I took during the workshop. We had all day, but I couldn’t get much done!


On the very same day. After I got home, I really wanted to crack on with the eye.

Then, time flies. It’s been months, but finally I’ve finished it! Such a lovely kit! I enjoyed immensely. Thank you, Trish!trish3

Close-up photo. The only parts I didn’t follow Trish’s instructions were flower petals and one of the leaves. Sorry, Trish! I guess I am used to the traditional silk shading, and I didn’t have courage to try her innovative needlepainting method without her supervision.trish4I’m a fan of her blog. She always says, ‘Meantime, wherever you are in the world, remember “Embroidery forever, housework whenever!”  Keep smiling and happy stitching!’

What a wonderful person!


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