Nelson Mandela

“Your Nelson Mandela was on BBC London News yesterday!” A friend of mine told me. It was a great surprise. Of course I watched the news again and again on BBC iPlayer. mandela4

2015 was the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta as the sealing of the Magna Carta was taken place on 15 June, 1215. I was invited to take part in an embroidery project called Magna Carta Embroidery Runnymede.

There are 12 embroidered panels, and the one my friend was talking about is South Africa panel. When I was asked to embroider Nelson Mandela, I thought it was a daunting task compare to other pieces I embroidered for some other panels. Fortunately I could get some advice from my fabulous mentor Margaret Dier (Her lovely site is here – Margaret Dier Embroidery ).

I wish I could show the news here, but I think it was available on iPlayer for just 24 hours. I also don’t know how to put a video on this blog  anyway. (yes I’m a slow learner…)

So, here’s a slide show of  some photos I took while I was working on Nelson Mandela. Hope you enjoy!

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