English rose

There were so many things I wanted to write about in June, but I couldn’t write any posts. My mum passed away, and I was back in Japan for a while. Her sudden unexpected death was devastating. I am trying to get back to normal little by little.

This image of pink rose and a bud is the one I embroidered using silk shading technique.


(Cotton threads on silk fabric. Embroidered by Masako Newton.)

Some coincidence brought me an opportunity to start contributing an article to a Japanese monthly magazine. The target audience is Japanese people who want to get information on UK, but my page is a bit like a diary with photos. My first article was about English roses, and I used the image above to go with it. It was published last month, but I couldn’t show it to my mum in time. I wish I could have done it.

I’m sure she would have been happy for me…

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