Opus Anglicanum

Opus Anglicanum means ‘English Work’ in Latin. English Medieval Embroidery exhibition is now on at Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington. I’m a member of V&A, and I went to a members’ event yesterday.


There was a Curator Talk at The Lydia Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre at V&A.


I could see some familiar faces at this event. It was so nice!

Then I went to the exhibition. Oh I could go there again and again! Thank God I’m a V&A member…

No photography, so I bought a catalogue, which is a proper coffee table book(!) A bit expensive, but it’s worth buying as every single item is photographed beautifully and explained in detail.

I decided to try out some split stitching and underside couching. These two techniques are widely used for Opus Anglicanum. My dear friend/mentor Margaret Dier is kindly supervising me. She is the one who has demonstrated these stitches on BBC program ‘Handmade in Britain’ a few years ago.

Here’s a photo of me trying split stitch spirals… It’s very tiny…


I’ll show you my underside couching next time:)


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