Underside couching

It’s been a while since the last post…

Inspired by Opus Anglicanum, my last post was about split stitch, and this time I’m writing about underside couching.

In English Medieval Embroidery, underside couching is often done with metal thread and linen thread. Since my design is a tiny grapevine, I decided to try with silk floss and linen thread.

It is very time consuming and challenging to stitch accurately. My reference book for underside couching is A. G. I. Christie’s English Medieval Embroidery (Oxford, Clarendon Press 1938).
I am in awe of the embroiderers’ talent and dedication in Medieval times.

Here’s my humble attempt.

Now I’m trying to make up a burse. This little grapevine will be on the front of the burse.

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