Ecclesiastical embroidery

At Royal School of Needlework Embroidery Studio, we often get ecclesiastical embroidery jobs. St Mary Oatlands church in Surrey was one of our clients. We worked on their alter frontal. I was fortunate to get invited to the rededication service on New Year’s Day.


It’s a beautiful church.


It is fabulous to see the alter frontal in situ. When we work on a piece like this, we cover up everywhere except the area you’re working on.

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A couple of closeup photos I took when I was working on it. Some gold threads were lifting, so we were carefully re-stitching.

The photo below was taken when our clients visited the studio. My colleague Becky was working on it on that day. Nice smile! (Photo credit: Jane Ruddlesdin)


I feel privileged to work on precious pieces like this one.



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