Sam Fogg

Sam Fogg is a leading dealer in Medieval Art. The current exhibition ‘Late Medieval and Renaissance Textiles’ is taking part in London Art Week Summer 2018.


I was thrilled to see some amazing Medieval embroidery here. When I went to the Opus Anglicanum exhibition at V&A a couple of years ago, we could only see the pieces through the glass cases. However, at this exhibition, I could get up to the pieces without any interruption! What a fantastic opportunity to see the fabulous work of art so up-close! Matthew Reeves at Sam Fogg, who is very knowledgeable and helpful,  kindly let me take some photos.


This exhibition is open until 13 July. You can buy a thoroughly informative catalogue (£30) there as well. Highly recommended.

Sam Fogg
15d Clifford Street, Mayfair W1S 4JZ


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